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2022 Exhibition "Armchair Theory"

Exhibition Name: Armchair Theory

Exhibition Period: October 21-October 27 (Gallery Western) & November 10-November 06 (K&P Gallery)

Exhibition Location: Gallery Western, 210 N. Western Ave. Los Angeles, CA.

K&P Gallery, 547 W. 27th St. #518, New York, NY

Participating Artists: Karen Hochman Brown, Yunseon Choi, H.RED, Hae Won Jung, Youju Kang, Diane Lamboley, Hae Geun Seo, Yoo Jeong Seol, and Viktor Socascetica


Our reality is a solid land with layers of imagination, delusion, and dream. Art should be able to look at the object and approach it from a completely different perspective and present a completely different interpretation. Even if it is unrealistic, irrational, and irrational, it can be proudly recognized as a certain value in the art world. This can be said to be a privilege and aesthetic permission of art. The natural things we enjoy today may be the contribution of what is dismissed as someone's uninteresting lightness and eccentricity, and the pleasures we enjoy today are largely attributed to the results of the artists' fundamental imagination. Artists' thoughts are the beginning of creation and raw materials for producing creations, and the type of consumption of the public accordingly is digestion and empathy for creations.

Imagination is a fragment of thought and a form of distortion created in the consciousness and unconsciousness of reality. Since it is already an area that is out of the mind of reason, let's sit on the table of art and litter the table as much as you want. The reluctance of thoughts leads to the cull of the times, and the boldness of thoughts leads to the progress of the times. One light delusion is the view of the times, the infinite allowable free zone that can be the centerpiece, and our art is.


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