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2022 Exhibition "Paradigm, Her Era"

Exhibition Name: Paradigm, Her Era

Exhibition Period: August 27-September 02

Exhibition Location: Lee & Lee Gallery, 3130 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. 90005

Participating Artists: Rosa Ji-yeona, Terri Jo Frew, Anna Gaikovich, H.RED, Clara Kim, Kang Mi Kim, Oneyung Kim, Youju Kang, Young In Ko, Vanessa Langone, Katheryn Oh, Yoo Jeong Seol, Tina Ybarra


DANOK is pleased to announce the Finalist & the Best Women Artist of the exhibition and the art competition "Paradigm, Her Era," Vanessa Langone!


A paradigm is a collection of theoretical frameworks or concepts that dominate the view or thoughts of people of any one era. It refers to a system of ideas or beliefs that fundamentally restrict ideas, actions, and lifestyles in social groups, and a system of thoughts and consciousness that reflects historical and social thoughts. Human beings, who have lived in ideologies created from the male perspective for centuries, gradually and globally revealed “women” and eventually became prevalent in women’s rights, feminism. It is time for the paradigm of deep consciousness to be rebuilt with equality and fairness, not absurdity and irrationality, and its fine effective confrontation. What are the modern attitudes of women, men, and humans to welcome a new paradigm in order for society’s dominant reason and sensibility to fully support women’s existence and culture to become a concept of the time?


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